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Access to fresh foods study

In 2021, MCAD received a grant from USDA Rural Development to study Mercer County's access to fresh foods and groceries.   

Here are some of the highlights: 

-Mercer County covers approximately 453.7 square miles

- there are an estimated 1,882 households within a 20 mile radius of Princeton.

- The Mercer County  (Princeton)  marketplace spends approximately $6M a year on food at home and eating out.  

- The average Mercer County Household spends approximately $4,033 on groceries per year, which is less than the national average reported by USDA. 

- Mercer Countians commute an average of 35 miles one way to grocery shop. 

- In a seven-county surrounding area including Mercer County there are twelve (12) traditional grocery stores. 

-in Mercer County there is one hometown grocery that carries fresh produce.

- there is one super center in the seven-county area.


Marketplace Information

Part of the USDA-RD Study included a Marketplace Access Study conducted 2021 

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