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MCAD Biz Loan Funds art_edited.jpg
MCAD Biz Loan Funds art_edited.jpg

Local Resource For Mercer County MO Business Funding

Mercer County Area Development Corporation offers local business funding for qualified small business.  MCAD Revolving Loan Funds are low interest loans that hold no collateral and offer a wide variety of acceptable business use.  Fills a gap and works in conjunction with traditional bank and other finance.  

MCAD USDA Small Business Loan Fund 

In 2021, MCAD received a grant through USDA Rural Development to launch its first business funding program.  The MCAD USDA Small Business Loan Fund is a revolving loan fund which offers qualified existing and new business a low interest loan.  Designed to help business with operating, startup, and growth costs, this low-interest loan provides gap financing when a little more is needed.  Qualified business can borrow up to $10,000. 

There are a range of business uses that are acceptable for the program.  To learn more, view or download the RLF Policies and Application documents linked here.  



Local banks and other utility and planning partners offer business loan programs.  Two non-profit organizations with additional business development finance are  Green Hills Rural Development Inc. and  Grundy Electric Cooperative.  

MCAD NAP Business Façade  Improvement Program

MCAD offers businesses and owners of commercial properties funding for non-substantial façade improvements.  The MCAD Façade Improvement program loans up to $5,000 to qualified businesses at low interest, to help with updates to business facades in local business corridors- specifically the Princeton downtown, Mercer downtown, and the Hwy 65 and Hwy 136 town business districts.  

There's no collateral required.  Terms are dependent on several factors including size of loan, payment size and type or use of funds.  To check eligibility or to learn more about the MCAD NAP Façade Improvement Program, see view or download the Policies and Application PDFs.


MCAD has a business services program offering one-to-one mentoring and other business development services.  Contact us for more information. 

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