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Business and Industry in Mercer County, Missouri 

Mercer County is recognized as an Agri-Ready Community.  Ag has long played a significant role in the history of industry and commerce in Mercer County. As business diversifies, the Top Growing Industry in Mercer County is Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services (EMSI Q1 2021).  Next is Transportation and Warehousing followed by healthcare and social assistance. 
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Mercer's County, Missouri is grounded in agriculture production and ranching at corporate and family farm levels.  Top Industries in the area include agriculture, information and technology (broadband infrastructure), and senior care.  Secondary industries include construction, trucking, retail, and specialty beef and meats processing.  

The county’s economic landscape includes family and production farms, agriculture producers, ranchers, equestrian arenas and stables, and homesteaders.


People commute into and out of Mercer County for employment.  There are approximately 2,936 people of working age including 22.5% of the population over the age of 65.  There are 1,800 people in Mercer County Labor Force.

The top job for earnings in 2020 is in the Information and technologies sector.  Largest Occupations are Management, Farming and Forestry, Office and Administrative, Transportation, and Production.  Emerging Need Occupations are Production, Construction Trades, Health Practitioners, and Technicians. 

Small Business

We love Small Business and Shopping Small! Roughly eight-eight (88%) percent of business located in Mercer County have under 19 employees.  Princeton and Mercer offer trade hubs comprised of local merchants, artisans and craftsman, cafes, and a variety of small industries, trades, and professional services.  

In 2019, it was reported by the US Census that roughly 9% of the population work from their home.

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Business Incentive and Finance

Along with traditional financing, small business and industry may qualify for state, federal and/or local finance and incentive programs. 


For more information contact Mercer County Area Development Corporation  or visit the helpful links listed below: 

USDA Rural Development (feasibility studies, equipment, real-estate)-

Missouri Department of Economic Development (financing, incentives, on-the-job training funds)-

Grundy County Electric Intermediary Relending Fund (qualified business expense)-

Green Hills Rural Development, Inc (Green Hills RPC) Revolving Loan Funds-

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