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Mercer County, Missouri

Mercer County Missouri, established 1845, is located in Northwest Missouri.  People are connected to the community by their interest to live in a rural setting where having space, faith, and believe in small-town values defines their down-to-earth approach to business and quality of life. 
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Covering over 453 square miles, Mercer County is the 95th largest county in the state of Missouri. Mercer County offers wildlife conservationists and outdoor enthusiasts the opportunity to observe and enjoy the healthy array of north American animals and birds prolific to the area.

Mercer County hosts a unique equine industry.  Several farms own show horses, there are three riding arenas, including therapeutic riding programs, and one of the nation’s foremost veterinarian practices in equine health is located in Mercer County. This father-son team of vets see four-legged patients from across the US.



Property Tax Rates: Mercer County has one of the lowest median property tax rates in the country.  According to, Mercer County collects, on average, 0.83% of a property’s assessed fair market value as property tax

Sales Tax Rates: When purchasing goods in Mercer County, sales tax rates run from 7.45% (Mercer, MO) to 7.975% (Princeton, MO), State of Missouri comprises 4.23% of the sales tax collected.  The average local + state sales tax in the state of Missouri is 7.81%.  General purchases such as food, prescription drugs, ag-production related purchases may be taxed at a lower rate.   

Median Property Value makes home ownership very affordable comparatively, with the US Median at $229,700.


Mercer County, Missouri is located in the Central United States, about halfway between Kansas City, Missouri and Des Moines, Iowa. 

Agriculture and Consumer Products are shipped out of Mercer County using the two primary US Highway arteries.

US Highway 136 which runs west to US Interstate 35 then to Kansas and east to the Illinois line,  The north/south trafficway, US Highway 65, connects to US Interstate 80 in Iowa and US Interstate 70 in Missouri.  

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Mercer County, population 3,617, is the second smallest population base (per county) in the state of Missouri. Roughly ninety-four percent of the population is white. There is a welcomed, growing Hispanic or Latino population. Mercer County hosts an active Amish community.  Mercer County citizens are friendly to neighbors and visitors, rich in small-town values of family and faith.

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