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In 2020, Mercer County citizens formed Mercer County Area Development Corporation (MCAD), a 501c3 not for profit organization, to help address economic development and community revitalization.  MCAD began as a community conversation where a vested group of stakeholders met to discuss significant needs in Mercer County.  MCAD has a mission to enhance the quality of life and economic condition of the citizens in the region.
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MCAD has formed out of a grassroots efforts to be the organization whose mission is to improve the overall quality of living in Mercer County.  The name Mercer County Area Development is significant because the founding committee wanted the organization to represent the Mercer County community’s whole health- community development and economic growth. MCAD strives to enhance the community’s personal wealth through economic development.     

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Mercer County Area Development Corporation (MCAD) is committed to revitalizing our community and helping new small business start, sustain and succeed.  In March 2021, MCAD completed it's 2021 Strategic Plan which outlined priorities and defined projects to complete and initiate. 


The Mercer County community builds its foundation upon our appreciation of family and fiends, faith in God, and small town values respecting our neighbors and property.  MCAD’s focus on creating and encouraging community sustainability and growth in Mercer County has a twofold mission a) revitalize community and b) encourage growth in economic activity by creating jobs and personal wealth. 


MCAD focuses on five key actions:  Community Development; Existing Business Services; New Business Development; Stakeholder Project Support; and Neighborhood Revitalization/ Housing Development.  

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